SkinnyFATS Now Delivered By DoorDash Las Vegas

SkinnyFATS specializes in healthy and “happy” menu items that cater to a variety of dietary needs while providing tasty and delicious meals that are out of this world! Now you can get it delivered right to your door with DoorDash!

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This split menu concept is a melting pot of cultural favorites with thoughtful ingredients and savory flavors. SkinnyFATS has something for everyone! All items on the Healthy Side are 600 calories or less.

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About SkinnyFATS

SkinnyFATS® artfully blends fresh ingredients into a modern health-conscious menu with gourmet comfort food options.

SkinnyFATS® subverts the traditional idea of quick service food using its experiential vibe, comfortable atmosphere and delicious healthy food with-a-twist cuisine. The SkinnyFATS® restaurant concept was created at a time when the option to choose was as important as the options themselves. The market demanded a restaurant that catered to everyone, from the health conscious to the shamelessly indulgent. Friends and families with different dietary and flavor preferences struggled to find common destinations to enjoy their meals together. SkinnyFATS® was created to solve this problem.

Since opening in 2013, diners have flocked to this exciting split-menu concept. People of all backgrounds, restrictions, and preferences gather here to enjoy delicious meals together.

SkinnyFATS® prides itself in offering options for every dietary preference and craving—from breakfast to juices, tacos, salads, burgers and more.

While there are other F&B companies out there that encompass elements of what SkinnyFATS® does, there is no other restaurant establishment that has the ability to offer the complete package in quite the same way. The emphasis on the “Healthy” and “Happy” menu, cold-pressed juices, socializing and current music trends have created an all-encompassing atmosphere which SkinnyFATS® curated by design.

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