Studio 54 at MGM Grand – 3rd Round Photos of Miss Knockout Finalists

Studio 54 at MGM Grand – 3rd Round of Miss Knockout Finalists

Photos by Bryan Haraway

**Congratulations to my roomy Jeannie Duffy and my friend Christina Christensen for moving on to Miss Knockout’s grand finale competition on March 31. All they do is win!**

Studio 54 inside MGM Grand is one week closer to choosing MGM Grand’s 2011 boxing ring girls as eleven dazzling ladies entered the third preliminary round of the Miss Knockout competition last night. Each of the ladies brought their A-game with hopes of making it to the grand finale competition March 31.

The sexy contestants were looking ready for summer with fit physiques in itty bitty bikinis as they strut their stuff across the iconic nightclub’s red carpet. A line of club-goers, adorned in green attire and shamrock beads for St. Paddy’s day, cheered for the ladies as they anxiously awaited to get inside the venue.

Inside the nightclub, DJ Forbes energized the crowd as they danced to Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” while waiting for the competition to begin.

The always charming Studio 54 dancers lured every eye in the building to the stage as they sported sexy outfits complete with go-go boots and fishnet stockings while performing a provocative routine to Lady Gaga’s hit, “I Was Born This Way.”

Studio 54’s host for the night, DJ Loczi, grabbed the mic to kick off the competition by introducing the Miss Knockout contestants one-by-one. The audience erupted with cheers and snapped photos of the girls as they sauntered across the stage blowing kisses and shooting playful winks into crowd. The contestants let their personalities shine while answering Loczi’s lighthearted onstage questions.

While the ladies were hard at work impressing the crowd onstage, the official judges, including Xania Woodman of Vegas SEVEN magazine, intently jotted down notes to help them choose their picks for the night’s finalists.

As the contestants headed backstage, Loczi reminded the crowd of their say in the competition. “You are the judges tonight,” he said into the mic holding a shiny black ballot in the air. Club-goers immediately made their way to the ballot box to cast their vote for “People’s Choice.” As the votes were tallied, DJ Forbes kept the packed room dancing to the beat under a flood of red strobe lights.

Loczi took the mic once again, and the crowd clambered to the stage to see who the finalists would be. The contestants came out to the sound of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” nervously taking their place on stage hoping to hear their name.

Loczi announced the judge’s picks first – Danielle Davidson, Jeannie Duffy, Shivonn Geeb, and Christina Christensen. Letting the suspense hang in the atmosphere, Loczi took his time announcing the crowd’s pick, Kensi Dob. As the finalists celebrated on stage, the audience made it apparent they were pleased with the picks through screams and applause.

These sexy ladies will move on to Miss Knockout’s grand finale competition on March 31 where they will have the opportunity to compete for the official Miss Knockout title, a $5,000 prize, an official contract with MGM Grand and a VIP party with their friends at Studio 54 after every boxing match.

The ladies who were not chosen to move on to the finals have one more opportunity to vie for a spot in the finals at next week’s fourth and final preliminary round on Thursday, March 24.

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