The Deadly Seven Photos from The Ice House Lounge

The Deadly Seven interview with…

The seven girls of the Deadly 7 are here to save the music business. Well about fuckin’ time I say! Everything or anything that could be said about these WOMEN would not be enough to describe this unique band.

From their Myspace – “The Deadly Seven is a name that is destined to be on everyone’s lips. Their brash mixture of punk music, gore theatrics and strip club antics appears to touch a nerve in everyone’s body; it’s just a matter of which one.

For many, the D7 show is no doubt way over the top, while others are being drawn to it like lambs to the slaughter. They employ a similar love/hate relationship with the media that made Kiss famous and ushered in Slipknot. Mix those two up, throw in some tits and ass, a vile of punk attitude and a few lessons from Gwar and you’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of seven deadly bitches that would just as soon eat you as entertain you.

In 2005, they were Las Vegas showgirls, four of them performing on the side as punk band The Bloody Klitz. Manager, Mr. D, transformed the concept into The Deadly Seven, added three new faces, and the rest is history in motion.”

Go WATCH their live performances first of all, you’ll get the idea and will beg for more.

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