The Golden Tiki Adds A Unique Animatronic Bird Show

The Golden Tiki, Las Vegas’ world-famous premier tiki bar, has installed its own original animatronic bird show, Creator/Managing Partner Branden Powers has announced. Called “Al and Bud’s Oasis,” the show centers around two feisty fowl, Bud–a Peruvian Booby bird and former shoulder dweller of our patron pirate W. T. Faulkner (he is the last known survivor of the Flaming Skull Island exploration); and Al–a Jamaican Tody (but be careful if you say that to his face) who has sailed around so many parts of the world with spice traders that he can’t even keep his accent straight.

Al and Bud’s Oasis at The Golden Tiki
Al and Bud’s Oasis at The Golden Tiki

The pair became ‘buddies’–if you can call them that–when both were abandoned by a flock headed south to Anaheim, California, where they dwell to this day.

“These birds are just a little more feisty than those other ones,” says Powers, “But we’ve adopted them and we hope they’ll feel at home with all the other foul-mouthed folks at Golden Tiki.”

The animatronic birds represent the piece de resistance of Powers’ three years of decor design, creating The Golden Tiki as the ultimate Tiki bar experience. “This is the last piece of the puzzle, and I’m done,” says Powers. “Actually that’s a total lie, there’s a lot more to come.”

Crafted by animatronic legend Bob Stoughton, the two birds are engineering marvels combining microcomputers, nanorobotics, 3D printing, and hand feathering. Voices were recorded by none other than Tiki Lee, a veteran of Disney Imagineering–including the actual Tiki Rooms–in the 1980s and ‘90s. Al and Bud’s witty repartee comes courtesy Powers, and a few random drunks overheard at the bar.

The show will be performed regularly during the bar’s open hours (which are 24/7) and is offered as a free amenity to bar patrons.

Where: The Golden Tiki, 3939 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas NV 89102

Admission: Free for anyone 21+. Free Parking

Al and Bud’s Oasis at The Golden Tiki
Al and Bud’s Oasis at The Golden Tiki

About The Golden Tiki

Located in Chinatown, Las Vegas, The Golden Tiki is a journey to a wondrous land where boundaries are only limited to one’s imagination. The vision of hospitality veteran Branden Powers, in collaboration with Seth Schorr, Jeff Fine, and Joe Cain, The Golden Tiki has spared no expense in recreating the classic mid-century tiki bar, reminiscent of Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s storied establishments. Powers’ experience in the Tiki world dates back 20 years to the Islands lounge in San Diego’s Hanalei Hotel. The handcrafted cocktail menu features nostalgic classics and new creations, alongside a strong list of craft beer and rum selections. Collaborating with renowned artists including Tiki Bosko, Billy the Crud, Bill Collins and Oceanic Arts, the one-of-a-kind decor also boasts a unique collection of celebrity ‘shrunken heads’ and myriad artifacts, real and fanciful. Open 24 hours a day, The Golden Tiki offers a multitude of experiences and can host private parties up to 145 people. For more information, visit their website or call 702.222.3196.

Accolades for The Golden Tiki include Top 5 Tiki Bars In The Country (Food Network), Second Best Tiki Bar In America (Yelp), Ten Best Nightlife Destinations In Las Vegas (USA Today),  Best Tropical Drinks In Las Vegas (Trip Savvy), Top Drinking Destinations In Las Vegas (Virgin Holidays), Best Bar, Readers’ Choice 2018 (Las Vegas Weekly) and Best of The City nods from Desert Companion and Vegas Seven.

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