The Juice Standard Honors National Alzheimer’s Awareness

Fall offerings from The Juice Standard, Las Vegas’ swanky organic juicery, continue throughout November in honor of National Alzheimer’s Awareness month.

The Juice Standard Bee WHealthy by Peter Harasty
The Juice Standard Bee WHealthy by Peter Harasty

The juicery has introduced turmeric-infused juice blends, new “shots” and a harvest-inspired organic specialty espresso drink to both celebrate the flavors of the season and bolster brain health.

The juice bar, with locations at 4555 S. Fort Apache Rd., and 2530 St. Rose Pkwy., offers an array of juices and nut milks that are cold pressed from 100 percent organic produce. Several signature recipes include turmeric, a root vegetable popular in curries, which contains curcumin, a powerful and well-documented alleviator of joint inflammation that is sought for its positive effects on cognitive function in Alzheimer’s disease patients. According to Jamie Stephenson, The Juice Standard’s CEO and co-founder, drinking turmeric juice is a highly effective way to absorb curcumin, especially when it’s paired with a pinch of cracked black pepper. The curcumin in turmeric acts as a bodyguard against molecules that aim to cause chronic inflammation, and black pepper increases the body’s ability to absorb curcumin by 1000 percent.

The Juice Standard’s turmeric-containing juices and nut milks include:

  • Bee On Point – a blend of cucumber, celery, carrot, apple, kale, beet, dandelion, radish, lemon, ginger, turmeric and black pepper
  • Bee True To You – a sweet-yet-spicy juice with cucumber, lemon, ginger, turmeric, honey, and cayenne
  • Bee WHealthy™ – the juicery’s signature recipe featuring cucumber, celery, romaine, kale, apple, dandelion, parsley, lemon, ginger, and turmeric
  • Bee Legendary – an eggnog-inspired nut milk made with raw cashew, raw brazil nut, raw walnut, turmeric, ginger, vanilla bean, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, pink Himalayan salt, cracked black pepper, and raw local honey

Throughout November, The Juice Standard will also offer $5 turmeric shots, where juicers may get a strong dose of the powerful ingredient combined with oil of oregano, ginger and apple cider vinegar, all of which combine to promote full absorption of turmeric’s curcumin.

And for a limited time, until organic pumpkin leaves for another season, coffee lovers can spice up their typical Bee Invincible with the flavors of fall. For an additional $1, the newly released Harvest Spice Bee Invincible includes organic espresso, house-made pumpkin purée, cinnamon, clove, vanilla, ginger, raw agave, cardamom, coconut oil, and your choice of grass-fed butter or ghee.

About The Juice Standard

Voted 2015’s “Best Juice Bar” in the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s “Best of Las Vegas” poll, the stylish juicery uses only 100 percent organic produce in its signature blends of cold-pressed juices, nut milks and “chewables.” The Juice Standard first opened in March 2014 at 4555 S. Fort Apache Rd., followed by a second location in Green Valley at 2530 St. Rose Pkwy. in April of this year. There are up to 20 varieties of cold-pressed juices, each served in 16-ounce, glass-bottle “Singletons,” as well as several juice cleanses, super-food smoothies, specialty espresso drinks and a recently launched “chewing menu” featuring a selection of raw snacks made with organic produce. Both locations are open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

More information is available by calling 702.476.9800; on The Juice Standard’s website at; on Facebook at; on Instagram at; and on Twitter at

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