The Mechanic Premiere Photos at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Photos by © Erik Kabik/ RETNA/
The Mechanic movie Premiere was held at Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas, NV on January 26, 2011.

Jason Statham arrived at Planet Hollywood driving a classic 1970 Jaguar accompanied by Actor Jason Flemyng (Clash of The Titans and Snatch). Also at the premiere were Randy Couture and his son Ryan, Nathan Burton, and Joey Fatone.

I was able to actually watch the movie at the premiere and it’s a great film. LOTS of action and some funny moments as well. With some action films, they tend to be predictable, but I didn’t think The Mechanic was predictable at all. From the different angles that were taken, why Arthur (Jason Statham) chose the location where he lived, the way people were killed, to even the ending, it was a non-stop ride. It’s best to see it in the theater as opposed to waiting.

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