The Neon Sign Museum and Boneyard in Las Vegas

The Neon Sign Museum – Las Vegas

Miles from the glitz, glamour and flashing lights of Las Vegas lies the Neon Boneyard, where neon signs saved from the trash heap go to cash in their chips.

In a city known for being all about stimulation, competition and overabundance, the Neon Graveyard is the other side of the coin. The dusty, three-acre lot is really just a gravel field filled with dead casino marquees, unlit wedding chapel signs, and bygone used car placards.

The neon dinosaurs may have expired from classic Sin City sights, but the old Vegas relics are not forgotten. Since 1996 a team of volunteers has worked to restore the signs, assembling an outdoor “gallery” featuring 10 iconic signs installed along the east end of Fremont Street.

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