What’s REALLY Going on at the Sports Bar at Palms, Heraea?

While scanning our facebook news feed, we saw several of our friends concerned over the possible closure of Heraea, the sports bar at the Palms. Many work there and wondered what their future employment looked like.

Heraea - The Sports Bar at Palms
Heraea – The Sports Bar at Palms

Not to worry though, word on the street is that Heraea’s closing is only temporary. Apparently, the restaurant is simply changing ownership from The ONE Group to N9NE Group.

A statement from the Palms reads, “Palms Casino Resort and HERAEA Vegas have decided to end their partnership at HERAEA with Palms taking over management of the space. Palms expects to reopen the restaurant soon. Palms wishes HERAEA Vegas and The ONE Group the best of luck.”

So, friends, your future doesn’t look bleak. It’s just temporarily on hold.

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