Drunk Pregnant Girl at Drai’s

So, how would you react if you saw a drunk pregnant girl partying at a pool party in Las Vegas? Well, the folks over at Whatever wanted to find out.

Drunk Pregnant Girl
Drunk Pregnant Girl

Drunk Pregnant Girl Prank

The Drunk Pregnant Girl prank, which has almost half a million views since it was posted on June 3rd, was apparently cleared by Drai’s Beach Club – Nightclub. Whatever goes so far to say, “Thanks to Victor Drai for letting us film in his club!” on their YouTube video page.

So, after watching the video below, how do you think you would react if YOU saw a drunk pregnant girl walking by you at a pool party in Las Vegas, drinking alcohol? Would you say something, or just keep dancing with her like some of the women in the video.

About Drai’s Beach Club – Nightclub

Victor Drai has reinvented Las Vegas nightlife with the creation of Drai’s Beach Club – Nightclub. It features a 65,000 square-foot indoor/outdoor nightclub and rooftop pool experience. Drai’s Beach Club – Nightclub will be one of the most sought after dayclub/nightclub spaces in the city, boasting breathtaking panoramic views high above the Las Vegas Strip. The legendary After Hours by Drai will also return in the same location with its discrete underground and intimate vibe, offering its dedicated club goers an all new experience.

“Drai’s After Hours has been a staple of Las Vegas nightlife for the past 15 years,” said Victor Drai, creator and founder of the legendary nightclub. “Drai’s set a new standard for the late night entertainment experience in Las Vegas and I’ve successfully raised the bar for that experience with each new venue I’ve launched. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to once again re-invent and re-invigorate the nightlife scene right where it all began 15 years ago. Drai’s Beach Club – Nightclub will be unlike any other club venue in the world. I’m looking forward to entertaining guests in this beautiful rooftop venue as well as re-introducing After Hours by Drai to the resort.”

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